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I'm a cutter, recovering, I have struggled with Anorexia for half my life, depression, anxiety, and I am trying to become happy with who I am. Its hard though and sometimes I relapse, we're all just here trying to survive.. I'm here to listen! If you need to talk just send me a message <3
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Ditto <3

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Here’s to the kids who are struggling right now


You aren’t alone, not ever. You can do this. Breathe. Take a break. Stay calm. Take a deep breath then fight on. Hold your own. You will get through this. I promise. 


Public Service Announcement: just because I’m dating someone with a mental illness doesn’t mean I’m trying to save them.

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see that girl you just called a bitch? she didn’t hear you say it louder

There was a girl in highschool that would bully me every day, she called me a bitch just loud enough to where her friends and I could hear it but not where the teacher could. My mom(A teacher at said school) told me that the next time she did it to start screaming at the top of my lungs “Bitch? I’m a bitch? Why would you ever call me that? Bitch is such a nasty word, I just can’t believe you would call me that.” So I did, guess what? She never called me that again and she got in trouble. Win win.

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Get to Know Me, Get to Know me Uncomfortably Well